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Comprehensive Consulting Services for Insurance Adjusters

CybexInc, LLC offers an array of services for insurance adjusters. By utilizing our experience in handling large commercial losses, we can turn a tragedy into a triumph. We make sure to follow the highest standards to deliver outstanding results in every project we handle.

What We Do

Building Consulting

Our team works on all types of commercial properties. Let us assist in damage scope assessments, prepare reconstruction schedules, and more.

Dispute Appraisal Representative

In case of disagreements or inconsistencies in the insurance settlement of a property, we can represent your case. Our team will review all the data and reports to make sure that everything is accounted for when representing your interests.

Contractor Invoice Auditing

Our knowledgeable consultants also have auditing capabilities. From setting initial audit parameters to activity sheet reviews, we can perform a broad range of auditing services.

Construction Management Services

Let us oversee the daily operations of the reconstruction project. We can also prepare daily executive summaries, weekly budget analysis worksheets, scope protocols, and more.

Jobsite Safety Consulting

CybexInc, LLC offers services that help in reducing hazards at the construction site. Rely on us to prepare recommendations for site safety requirements as well as safety violation reports.

Training Services

From project management to site safety, we offer an array of training sessions for clients. During these classes, we will share our deep insight of the insurance and building consulting industry.

Our Company’s History

Early Beginnings

CybexInc, LLC was originally established in 1990 by J Murphy as a consulting service offered to insurance companies via adjusters. At that time, we helped adjusters with difficult loss situations as well as losses with unique characteristics, helping reduce the time it takes to handle these processes. Our work eventually expanded to emergency mitigation and reconstruction services.

New Endeavors

As our focus shifted, the consulting services team “moved” to a dedicated construction-related company in 2005. This newly formed business handled only loss-related commercial and large-loss construction projects.

Returning to What We Did Best

In 2016, the construction company was sold. J Murphy once again began the consulting services that were originally offered to adjusters under the current construction company. Then, in May 2020, J resigned from the construction company and reopened CybexInc, LLC along with several professionals from the construction company.

Today, our sole purpose is to provide the much-needed consulting and related services to insurance company adjusters and construction industries. Our mission is to adequately serve our clients at their time of need.

Helpful Resources

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Emergency Awareness

Our company has the tools that allow us to respond quickly in almost all cases. Reach out and let us know how we can help.