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A Reputable Insurance Adjustment Consulting Firm

Building Consulting and all the processes involved take a lot of effort and attention that some might find overwhelming. CybexInc, LLC is here to make everything easier.
We are a consulting firm that assists insurance adjusters by performing an
array of services.

Get to Know J Murphy

J is the founder and person in charge of CybexInc, LLC. He took up criminal justice in college, then he worked at a construction site after he graduated. J fell in love with what he did, eventually deciding to take this career path as far as he possibly could. Today, J boasts more than four decades of experience in the business. Throughout the years, he followed the idea that consistency through simplicity breeds success.

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Our Core Values

  • Communication
  • Empathetic Approach to Analyzing Client Needs
  • Systematic Approach to All Actions
  • Professionalism

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